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Homicide detective Jake Roberts

 is in a steamy relationship with 

flight attendant Lori Powers. He’s investigating a murder. FBI profiler Mika Scott leads the investigation. Mika and Jake were once partners and lovers. Tensions run high when Jake discovers who the killer is. Will they get there in time to stop another murder?

Interpol returns Lori Powers to Detective Jake Roberts and ex-FBI profiler Mika Scott. It's a bittersweet reunion for all. Lori was Mika’s worst nightmare. Jake is stalked by wealthy, genius, serial killer Jared Hamilton. Jake breaks all the rules and helps Lori escape from prison to assist in Jared’s capture, but is Lori conspiring with Jared to murder Jake?

Jake Roberts and his Hollywood agent girlfriend, Caitland, are on vacation. Donald and Betty O’Malley are also on vacation, their first one ever. Bobby Goode performs at the comedy club which made him a mega-star. Homicide Detectives Williams and Farina investigate a gruesome murder. They ask Jake to consult on the case.

Jake kisses Caitland at her departure gate. A gunman enters the airport. Jake’s best friend is shot twice. Forensic psychologist Mackenzy Graham specializes in serial killers. She wants to be one. Caitland hosts a party for her A-list clients. After the party, Caitland is alone, except for an intruder waiting in the dark.

Jake hears a knock on his door. MexiKing gang leader Pablo is calling in a favor. El Mencho, a narcotrafficker, kidnapped Pablo's wife. Richard Graham, an elite serial killer, escapes from prison and joins forces with El Mencho. Richard's daughter Mackenzy murdered Jake's girlfriend. Will Jake risk his life to help Pablo get Alana back?

Ethel and Murray Wood taught their son Brandyn to be a con man. They said the con was the only way to financial freedom. Brandyn’s crew, the best in the business, is planning a highest-stakes heist. Will they do time in Supermax? Will the Russian Mafiya kill them? Will Mai ever forgive Brandyn? Would you bet your life on Brandyn?

Ex-SEAL Zach Kincaid and his Delta team must stop the violent takeover of the government. Zach faces off with SEAL David “The Knife” Steele, Alpha Team Leader. The Democratic National Convention in the Mercedes Benz Stadium opens in Atlanta. The White House is on High Alert. Civil war is imminent. The United States of America is in peril.

A chilling look at human nature in a context where the lines between right and wrong become sadly blurred. It’s a compelling account of one woman's life, and what drove her to take the life of her six-year-old son. One must consider how close to the edge we all are. It’s a true story told in layman’s terms.

The Strategic Extra-Earth Development Site, SEEDS, builds a ship to reach Saturn's moon, Titan. The starship departs before World War Last destroys all life on Earth. Base Crater is established. A transmission is received from Mars-based RED STAR 1. An attack is imminent. Will Base Crater launch a first strike?

The SEEDS Shuttle returns to Titan from the Russian starship Red Star 1. Those onboard do all they can to keep Russian captain Boris Vladovok alive. Anxious colonists on Titan fear the Mars Virus or an attack by China Mars Base 1 will kill them. SEEDS–2025 departs for Rhea. The Early Ones observe.

Bryan transitions to a Robonaut vessel and departs Titan to search the Alpha Centauri star system for a suitable exoplanet. He explored the galaxy for one hundred sixty years. Before he returns to Base Crater, Bryan detours to New Earth. He brings back a surprise that will change their lives forever.

The anthology of SEEDS The Journey Begins, SEEDS The Journey Continues, and SEEDS The Journey Home.








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